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We specialise in wasp nest removal techniques to rid your home of infestations as quickly as possible.

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We specialise in bee nest removal techniques to rid your home of infestations as quickly as possible.


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      We believe your feedback helps us provide customer satisfaction. Please take a moment to submit a review below and tell us your experience and how we can improve our services.

      The day I moved into my new house I noticed a wasp nest above the front door. I immediately called Pestcos and they are out within 3 hours and got rid of the nest.
      Very polite and helpful staff, both on the phone and in person.

      Jo caffry   

      30th August 2019  


      Company came when they said, agent very polite and I’m happy with work.

      Mrs Malone   

      28th August 2019  


      I originally wrote an unfair review for this company as I believed I wasn’t getting a good enough service. Since then I could not be more wrong, the manager has so far looked after us very well and has sorted us out with another heat treatment as soon as he could fit us in, which over the festive period I appreciate was a big ask. We are hoping this has got rid of the bugs but only time will tell but so far I feel in safe hands. A good competitive price agains other pest control companies too. Great service so far, thank you.


      28th August 2019  


      The specialist that attended was efficient, polite, professional and gave us a full explanation. Also informing us that at some stage there had been rats, but again no more. There was no sign of bees, even though we have been experiencing queens looking to start a nest around the attic door. We were assured that there would be a nest about the size of a golf ball had any of them been successful.

      Mrs Susan Puttick   

      28th August 2019  


      Excellent service. Professional friendly staff. Eliminated my unwanted lodgers in the time span given. Would definitely recommend for their 5 star service!

      Emma Couch   

      28th August 2019  


      Were friendly and efficient when booking the call and prompt in responding to the treatment of two separate wasp nests. One of the treatments worked immediately and the second nest needed a second call, which was taken care of promptly and without fuss. One of the measures of a good company is the way that they react when things don’t go right and they got it spot on. The second nest is now convincingly gone. I would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them.

      David Martin   

      16th August 2019  


      The technician came on the same day and got rid of the nest so that our fencers could carry on with replacing our boundary with new fencing. I would use this company again as the guys said that the nest had disappeared when they came back to finish our fence the next day.
      Thank you for saving the day so that we could get on with having our fence replaced as the guys were getting stung working too close to the nest.
      Cost was reasonable considering it was same day service and on the hottest day of the year!

      Thurka Singam   

      16th August 2019  


      Excellent response to clearing large wasp nest we had in our loft. Specialist arrived next day as scheduled and completely cleared nest in single visit. No extra costs above what was quoted.
      Payment in advance is required.

      Would use again if I had any other need for such services

      Les Bristow   

      16th August 2019  


      I had a wasps nest in a difficult position under the roof tiles, they were actually finding their way into my bathroom. JG Pest control arrived within 3 days of my call and dealt with nest very professionally, also providing me with information on their excellent guarantees. But I didn’t need to call them back. In 2 days the wasps were gone. Excellent prompt service.

      Frances Comer   

      16th August 2019  


      Came the following day.wasps inside the house .didn’t find the nest as in the walls air vents .completely and speedy service .5 star service .would recommend.

      S B   

      15th August 2019  


      Arrived the same day and was very professional. Was willing to return at no extra cost if problem not resolved.


      15th August 2019  

      East Sussex   

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