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The Wasp Nest Removal Experts

We specialise in wasp nest removal techniques to rid your home of infestations as quickly as possible.

Bee Nest Removal Specialists

We specialise in bee nest removal techniques to rid your home of infestations as quickly as possible.


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      Bee Removal

      We deal with a huge number of bee problems every year; the season is usually April-July time and before or after this they seldom cause problems.

      Honeybees cause many issues to homeowners and business as their hives are made up of a honeycomb full of honey. This not only damages structures but can attract other pests such as ants and wasps. When carrying out a honeybee removal its vital the honeycomb is also removed to remove such risks.

      When the weather turns warmer bees will swarm as they seek new nesting sites, when doing so they can cause significant disruption if they land in or near human populated spaces, if a swam finds its way into the cavity of a property it will often break out into the house resulting in hundreds or thousands of confused bees in the living space.

      If you have any problem with any type of bee, then get in touch to discuss, we provide a rapid response to these type of issues meaning we can usually be out the same or next day.

      bee removal

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